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I'm also a poet! my debut poetry collection, brackish, is a compilation of memories, dreams, and explorations. it contemplates relationships, and functions as a processing of everyday life, while weaving its own narrative, and serving almost as an ode to nature. in this collection, winters navigates the mixing and combining of all of these facets - the way that brackish is a mix of fresh and salt water - and how that essentially amounts to the human experience. 

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a little bit about me

hey there! I'm nicole, & this is my doggo/adventure buddy, lyla. I'm a potter, poet & writer based out out of southern california. I've been making art and crafting since I was old enough to fingerpaint, but I started making pots in college, and never looked back. my work is hugely influenced by my interactions with nature/the environment, and mostly when I'm not writing or wheel-thowing, you can find ly & I out adventuring and sourcing new inspiration.

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