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nicole bethune 

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a little bit about me

First and foremost, I'm a poet, artist, & writer based out of Southern California. I'm a one-woman show and create all my work in my home studio, & when I'm not writing or wheel-throwing, you'll find me out in the wild with my dog, Lyla, camping, climbing rocks, bathing in oceans, rivers and lakes, and exploring pretty much anywhere we can drive to. 

my inspiration

I grew up at the beach and will absolutely always be a beach kid at heart, but living out west has shoved mountain and desert sized wedges into that relationship. Being able to jump in the car and run out into the woods, mountains, desert, or cliff-strewn coast has totally revolutionized my art. At the moment, I am fully fixated on immortalizing the experiences and memories that I have made in those spaces with my creative work, and articulating them in a way that they feel relatable and remind you of your favorite spaces too!

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about my art

I fell in love with pottery in college, and I haven't stopped playing with mud since. I am incredibly drawn to the messy, earthy quality of working with clay, and to the capacity to make functional, intimate objects that people can use every day. 

And though my first love & primary medium is ceramics, I have recently delved further into photography and illustration. These processes started as ways for me to document my travels in so I could translate them onto my pottery, but they have quickly developed into side passions that I find myself spending increasingly more time pursuing. So outside the studio, you'll find me trying to hone my photog skills & designing t-shirts and tattoos as well!

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