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signed copy of brackish

signed copy of brackish

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A paperback copy of my debut poetry collection, brackish, signed by me!

I wrote brackish over a period of four years, during which I moved across the country. This collection of poems is a compilation of memories, dreams, and explorations. It contemplates relationships, and functions as a processing of everyday life, while weaving its own narrative, and serving almost as an ode to nature. In this collection, I navigate the mixing and combining of all of these facets - the way that brackish is a mix of fresh and salt water - and how that essentially amounts to the human experience. brackish was published by Finishing Line Press in 2022.

Praise for brackish

In her debut collection brackish, Nicole Winters calls forward the natural world with fractured and compounding registers of exaltation. These poems, like the speaker whose “palms open to constellations,” seek a confluence of mysteries within and beyond the self. Through meditations on recurring lunar cycles, churning ocean currents, and the falling bodies of ospreys cast high above surging rivers, Winters skillfully channels a music that is, above all, celebratory and resounds with a powerful and insistent desire to listen as “the whole earth sings.”

— Jon Pineda, author of Little Anodynes

In Nicole Winters’ debut collection, brackish, we wade into a meditation of a life told through the sea. each poem in this collection carries the myth, mystery, and beauty of the ocean, but also the personal—I’m anchored to/a piece of me buried/between sea & sand;/it pulls the moon. place and persona weave together to create precise postcards rich with images and story that make you feel the sand on your fingertips, your skin salted/by rough waves. these are poems that were written to be dived into; Winters' words are like sweet prayers reminding us, the sun buries us in light.

 —  Kelli Russell Agodon, author of Dialogues with Rising Tides (Copper Canyon Press)

“brackish reads like a literary photo album of minimalist snapshots that freeze the reader in time and nudge her into a meditative state. Sometimes it is an intimate glance at the quotidian rituals of family life; sometimes it is a contemporary landscape rendered with the light touch of a voice that feels as though it came from a more ancient civilization; but always the love of language is there, beckoning.”

—  Kathleen Balma, librarian at New Orleans Public Library and author of What the Traveler Knows

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